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Irving PETLIN, Painter
Irving Petlin (born on December 17th, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American artist, famous painter for his control of the pastel. He finds his inspiration in the work of the writers and the poets of which Primo Levi, Bruno Schulz, Paul Celan, Michael Palmer and Edmond Jabès.
Its work was presented to Hanover Gallery in London and (...)


Jean Baptiste SECHERET, Painter
Born in 1957, painter, engraver, graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Paris, Paul-Louis Weiller Portrait Prize in 1983, boarder of the Casa de Velázquez from 1984 to 1986. From 1980 to 2009, he exhibits his work in Paris, Madrid, New York and Basel. His first personal exhibitions take place in 1987. A retrospective exhibition of his engraving and (...)


Shafic ABBOUD, Painter (1926-2004)
Shafic Abboud is one of the major figures of contemporary art. Born in Lebanon, he arrives in Paris in 1947, looking for the modernity embodied by the French artists of the XXth century. Shafic Abboud particularly admires Pierre Bonnard, Roger Bissière and Nicolas de Staël. Between lyrical abstraction and expressionism, his work pays an (...)


André COTTAVOZ, Painter (1922-2013)
In 1939, he joins the Beaux-Arts in Lyon. He is one of the founders of the New Figuration of the Ecole de Lyon, also known as “sanzisme” (literally “without -ism”, meaning the rejection of all forms of dogma), with Jean Fusaro, Jacques Truphémus and Philibert-Charrin. Cottavoz’s painting is characterized by the thickness of the paint; for (...)


Hans HARTUNG, Painter (1904-1989)
Hartung was born on September 21, 1904 in Leipzig and died on December 7, 1989 in Antibes. This German-born French painter is one of the most famous figures of abstract art as well as the father of Tachism. (Source: Wikipedia)


Jean JANSEM, Painter (1920-2013)
His artistic genius, chromatic harmony and color palette serve a bold and fair expression. Whether it is children or old people, dancers or beggars, farmers or harlequins, Jansem depicts the human comedy in an instantly recognizable style.


Charles LAPICQUE , Painter (1898-1988)
Engineer, musician, sailor and painter. Charles Lapicque’s work exerted a decisive influence over the “new figuration”. His audacious and original palette makes him an isolated painter and a precursor of his contemporaries.
Employing an entirely new chromatic palette and multiple perspectives, distinct from the single perspective with (...)


Jean COMMERE, Painter, watercolor artist , cartoonist and illustrator, 1920-1986
Painter, water colorist and illustrator, he was very famous in the 1960s. In 1971, a first retrospective exhibition of his work was organized in New York. He wins several prizes such as the Critic’s Prize, the Contemporary Painters Salon, the Biennale de Deauville or the Francis Smith Prize.
With precise and incisive strokes, an original (...)


Marie Laurence GAUDRAT, Painter and sculptor
Her painting draws its inspiration from the study of the great masters, the observation of reality and from the love of mankind. “I am grateful for my masters taking me down this happy path where you can translate your vision of things into shapes. I call it a happy path because reality keeps opposing its healthy resistance to expression. (...)


Pascal VINARDEL, Painter
Pascal Vinardel was born in 1951 in Morocco during the French Protectorate, for which he keeps certain nostalgia. After winning several awards, he passed the entrance exam of the Casa Velazquez in 1974. Rarely exhibiting his work, Pascal Vinardel consolidates from then a reputation of secret painter, shunning the current trends.


Pascal MASI, Animal sculptor
“The animal world offers the spectacle of the beauty of life. Out of respect for this beauty, I begin my work by a research on the animal anatomy. Then, once the subject takes the pose I want it to have, I try to produce a synthesis by suppressing all the unnecessary details.”
Pascal Masi also uses resin, a less expensive technique, to (...)


Jacques GESTALDER, sculptor (1918-2006)
Disciple of the famous sculptor Robert Wlerick, Jacques Gestalder was the founder of the Young Sculpture Salon and of the Salon Comparaisons. His sculptures are built around three themes: dance, portrait and monumental sculpture. Jacques Gestalder mingled with and was recognized by all the famous sculptors of the post-war period, and by a (...)



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